Performing Arts

Curriculum Information for the Performing Arts




Mrs V. Crossman

Head of Performance Faculty

Miss Shepherd 

Teacher of Music; Term One

Mrs M. Catto

Teacher of Dance 

Mrs R. Ashton

Teacher of Drama


We believe that every child has ability in the performing arts. We harness that creativity and provide amazing performance opportunities opportunities to build confidence within the studio environment which is cultivated through our performance calendar.



Our vision is for our pupils to develop skills such as oracy, confidence, team work and awareness that they can use, not only with in their performing arts lessons, but as skills beyond the classroom, the world of work and the wider world. KS3 pupils have two Music lessons, one Dance and one Drama lesson across our two week timetable. 



The aim of Performing Arts curriculum design is to develop individuality; to encourage students to think and express themselves with confidence and to encourage tolerance of others and understanding. Students are given opportunities through practical rehearsal, performance and written activities to experience the world around them and begin to appreciate situations from more than one perspective. We encourage students to question and challenge their perception of the world and develop the soft skills employers seek:


  • Confidence & communication - vocal and physical skill development to allow them to develop oracy,
  • Concentration & independence - working on projects over extended periods of time 
  • Empathy & sensitivity - understanding viewpoints and emotions of a range of characters
  • Co-operation & team-work skills  getting the best out of each other when working towards a common goal
  • Commitment & self-discipline - encouraged and helped to excel when challenged, developing resilience and grit
  • Creativity - an understanding of the benefits of participation in the arts, performance and creativity
  • Evaluation & appreciation - appreciation of the ways in which themes and intentions are communicated to an audience and an ability to evaluate their own and others' work
Key Stage 3 Content:


Year  Topic 1 Topic 2
7 Dance 7 basic dance movements Folk Dance
7 Drama Basic drama skills 'Archie's War'; The experience of World War 1 through the eyes of a young boy
7 Music Elements of music Composition
8 Dance Bollywood dance  Choreographing from a stimulus
8 Drama Story of the contemporary play; 'The Tulip Touch' Physical Theatre
8 Music Reggae Music Samba Music
9 Dance Jazz dance Analysing and performing professional dance
9 Drama Study of the contemporary play: 'Beautiful Thing' Devising from a stimulus
9 Music The Beatles Blues Music


Key Stage 4 Content:

RSL Level 1 / 2 Certificate in Creative and Performance Skills

Acting Pathway

Year 10

Unit 212: Performing Texts

Year 11

Unit 201: Live Performance (controlled assessment)


Dance Pathway

Year 10

Unit 229: Ensemble Dance Performance

Year 11

Unit 201: Live Performance (controlled assessment)


Btec NQF  Level 1/2 First Award in Music


Year 10

Unit 1: The Music  Industry

Year 11

Unit 2: Managing a Music Product


Weekly Clubs: Drama club, Central Stars Dance Club Years 7-9, Central Youth Dance Years 9-11, Central Voices, band rehearsals and recording club.

Our department offers pupils a range of opportunities to perform in school and in our wider community; shows include our annual Christmas Concert, Spotlight showcase, school musicals, drama plays and Btec music concert. School shows are performed in our hall which doubles as a well-equipped theatre space and our drama ‘black box’ studio with built in lighting rig.


We are also very proud that we have performed at local theatres including The Dukes and Lancaster Grand Theatre and landmark theatres including Sadler’s Wells (2013) and The Royal Albert Hall (2014 and 2016). In 2014 we also performed at Lancaster Castle.