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Our Intent:

In Music at Key Stage 3, pupils will discover a passion for music and will develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required to be a musician which is done through a series of practical units.

Students In year 7 work through the basics of music notation, composition and performing which will develop their confidence when performing music in the classroom.

In year 8, students take a trip around the world and learn about music styles from America to Asia as well as learning about different cultures.

In year 9, students learn about composition relating to Blues music, performing pop music and learning about hip-hop. Singing is an important aspect of music at Key Stage 3 as well as learning how to listen and to appraise music from a range of genres to enhance their musical repertoire.

Practical musicianship is the key skill that students will learn alongside learning about traditional music notation. Further opportunities will be available with a range of extra-curricular clubs that students can get involved with – music will be accessible to all. Music lessons at Key Stage 3 are designed to enable students to continue their studies at Key Stage 4 and beyond. Students will realise the power that music has to transform lives.


KS3 overview of units: 

  Term 1 Topics  Term 2 Topics  Term 3 Topics  Detailed Overview
Year 7

Building bricks of music

Hooks and riffs

Music notation

Instruments of the Orchestra

I’ve got rhythm

British music

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Year 8

Reggae music

Oriental music

British folk music

African music

Calypso music

Latin American music

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Year 9

Blues music

Rock and roll music

Rap music

The Beatles

Film music

British pop music

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Parents / carers can best support students by: encouraging their child to take up instrumental lessons from the variety we have on offer here as well as listening to a variety of musical genres.

Qualification type: exam board and syllabus if applicable: Edecel Btec level 2 First award in music

Web link to specification:

  Term 1 Topics Term 2 Topics Term 3 Topics
Year 10 Unit 1 – The music industry Unit 2 – Managing a music product Unit 5 – Introducing music performance
Year 11 Unit 4 – Introducing music composition Unit 5 – Introducing music performance Unit 5 – Introducing music performance








Unit 1 The music industry 1 hour exam 25%
Unit 2 Managing a music product Coursework 25%
Unit 4 Introducing music composition Coursework 25%
Unit 5 Introducing music performance Coursework 25%






Parents / carers can best support students by: Encouraging students to attend their peripatetic music lessons and practicing regularly on their chosen instrument.

Additional materials to support study and revision:

Resource Link
Revision materials   
Managing a music product

PRS for Music -

Music composition
Music performance









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