Year 11 Revision and Exams

This page will be dedicated to supporting both parents and pupils to prepare for the summer 2022 examinations. Despite the cancellation of examinations over the last two years, examinations are scheduled to take place this summer. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or Miss Brown (Head of Year 11).

Revision books for English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and French have been purchased for pupils and have now all been distributed. Year 11 pupils are being supported in form time with revision technique guidance, copies of these sessions can be found below.

Please see the bottom of this page for the timetable of in school revision sessions. This includes additional subjects that have added this week.

Holiday Revision Sessions

Please see the below table for additional revision sessions that teaching staff will be running during the week of half term. These sessions are open to all pupils. If you child wishes to attend, they must be in reception for the start time indicated where they will be greeted by the teacher responsible for running the session. Throughout their time in school, they must remain with the member of staff running the session. There will be a member of the Senior Leadership available at all times during the sessions. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Brown.


  09:00 – 11:00  11:00 – 13:00  13:00 – 15:00 
Monday 30th May 


(Mr Moorby)



(Mr Auger)

Tuesday 31st May 

Maths Higher

(Miss Price)

Maths Foundation 

(Miss Price)




Year 11 Summer Examination Timetable 2022 

Download The Year 11 Summer Examination Table Here
View / Download Yr11 Parents Examination Letter


Support for pupils preparing for Summer Examinations


In School Revision Sessions

Revision sessions for a range of subjects will continue from the week starting March 7th. Below the timetable details can be found in the tables below regarding the session times, locations and focus. Please encourage your child to attend.

The table below details the programmed revision sessions which will take place during lunchtimes and after school or during the lunch times. The table shows the session times, location and content.



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lunchtime 12:25 to 12:55 Subjects Computing, Enterprise, Travel and Tourism D9

Geography (Week B) D2

Computing, Enterprise, Travel and Tourism D9

Geography (Week A) D2

Computing, Enterprise, Travel and Tourism D9

Design Technology
History D5
  Independent Revision Spaces Silent study D5
Computer access D9
Silent study D5
Computer access D9
Silent study D5
Computer access D9
Silent study D5

Silent study D5

After School 15:05 to 16:00     Maths
Science C6  















English: Wednesday 15:05 - 16:00 Room - A2

Date Focus
9th March Language: Fiction Reading 
16th March Language: Prose Writing: matching to tasks 
23rd March Literature: essay planning 
30th March Literature: revising key moments and quotes 
20th April Language: 19th and 21st century reading 
27th April Language: Transactional Writing: letters 
4th May Language: Transactional Writing: articles 
11th May Language Paper 1 Walkthrough (exam 18th May) 
18th May Lit 1 Walkthrough (Macbeth and AIC – exam on 25th May) 
25th May Lit 2 walkthrough (ACC and poetry – exam on 8th June) 
8th June Lang 2 Walkthrough (exam on 10th June) 












Maths: Tuesday 15:05 – 16:00 A6, A8 and A9 

Date Foundation Higher
8th March Area of 2D Shapes Quadratic Inequalities 
15th March Volume and Surface Area Direct and Inverse Proportion 
22nd March Fraction Calculations Sine and Cosine Rules 
29th March Angles 3D Trigonometry 
19th April Averages Quadratic/Linear Simultaneous Equations
26th April Proportion Transformation of Graphs
3rd May Expand/ Factorise Inverse and Composite Functions
10th May Probability Vectors
17th May Paper 1 Preparation (20th May) Paper 1 Preparation (20th May)


Science: Thursday 15:05 – 16:00 Biology – C7, Physics – C6, Chemistry - C4

Date Triple Combined
10th March Biology (cells) Biology (cells)
17th March Physics (energy and electricity) Physics (energy and electricity)
24th March Chemistry (Atomic structure and bonding) Chemistry (Atomic structure and bonding)
31st March Biology (organisation and infection) Biology (organisation and infection)
21st April Physics (Particle model and radiation) Physics (Particle model and radiation)
28th April Chemistry (Quantitative and chemical changes) Chemistry (Quantitative and chemical changes)
5th May Biology (Homeostasis and inheritance) Biology (Homeostasis and inheritance)
12th May Physics (Forces and waves) Physics (Forces and waves)
19th May Chemistry (energy changes and rate) Chemistry (energy changes and rate)


Design Technology: Thursday Lunchtimes 12:25pm to 12:55pm - S6

Date Focus
24th February 3.2.1 Selection of materials or components
3rd March 3.2.3 Ecological and social footprint
10th March 3.2.8 Specialist techniques and processes
17th March 3.3.2 Environmental, social and economic challenge
24th March 3.3.5 Communication of design ideas
31st March 3.3.6 Prototype development



Geography: D1 & D2

Date Focus

Tuesday 1st March Lunchtime D2

Wednesday 9th March Lunchtime D2 Hot Deserts
Friday 11th March After School D1 - 30mins Hot Deserts
Tuesday 15th March Lunchtime D2 Climate Change
Friday 18th March After School D1 30mins Climate Change
Wednesday 23rd March Lunchtime D2 Tectonic Hazards
Friday 25th March After School D1 30mins Tectonic Hazards
Tuesday 29th March Lunchtime D2 Weather Hazards
Friday 1st April After School D1 30mins Weather Hazards
Easter Half Term Break - 2 Weeks
Wednesday 20th April Lunchtime D2 Tropical Rainforests
Friday 22nd April After School D1 30mins Tropical Rainforests
Tuesday 26th April Lunchtime D2 River Landscapes
Friday 29th April After School D1 30mins River Landscapes
Wednesday 4th May Lunchtime D2 Coastal Landscapes
Friday 6th May After School D1 30mins Coastal Landscapes
Tuesday 10th May Lunchtime D2 Fieldwork
Friday 13th May After School D1 - 30mins Fieldwork
Exams Commence May 16th

Geography Paper 1: Monday 23rd May (AM) 1hr 30

Geography Paper 2: Tuesday 7th June (PM) 1hr 15

Geography Paper 3: Tuesday 14th June (AM) 1hr


History: Friday 12:20 – 13:00 in D4

Date Focus
11th March

Paper 2: Cold War 

The Arms Race and armed alliances of NATO and the Warsaw Pact 

18th March

Paper 2: Cold War 

Crisis in Czechoslovakia 1968

25th March

Paper 2: Cold War 

The end of the Cold War

1st April

Paper 3: USA 

Exam technique for question 3 focusing on sources and interpretations

22nd April

Paper 1

Crime and Punishment: Medieval 1000-1500 and exam technique 

29th April

Paper 1

Crime and Punishment: Medieval 1500-1700 and exam technique 

6th May

Paper 1

Crime and Punishment: Medieval 1700-1900 and exam technique 

13th May

Paper 1

Crime and Punishment: Whitechapel  

20th May

Paper 2

USA: Civil Rights and Vietnam 

27th May

Paper 2

USA: Civil Rights with a focus on exam technique  



Online Resources

The school has purchased a number of online resources to support pupils with revision. Links to these can be found below. Should you need any support in accessing them, please contact your child’s teacher in the first instance.


Hegarty Maths





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