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Mr Williams Head of Design Technology  
Mr Roberts Classroom Teacher  



Our Intent:

In Design Technology at Central Lancaster High School we teach both Design & Technology and Food Technology. We see both subjects as essential in creating capable, well-rounded individuals and developing those life skills needed beyond the classroom.

In both subjects' pupils develop their creativity and problem solving, using design briefs to consider the needs of individual consumers, and then creating a product or solutions to meet those needs. As well as the traditional academic skills, both subjects foster collaboration, inclusion and the hands-on technical skills required to work in engineering or a modern kitchen. 

  Term 1 Topics Term 2 Topics Term 3 Topics
Year 7 Kitchen safety, basic techniques /Health and Safety – Designing  Language of food and evaluations/ Developing and Making   
Year 8 Kitchen safety, eating sustainably/ Health and Safety – Designing Staple foods/Developing and Making   
Year 9 Kitchen safety, use of a range of commodities/ Health and Safety – Designing  Alternative diets/Developing designs  Use of meat in catering/Manufacturing and evaluations 









Parents / carers can best support pupils by: By encouraging their child to undertake practical tasks at home. Be that meal preparation and washing up or helping to build flatpack furniture. All hands-on practical tasks build dexterity and confidence. 


Key Stage 4:

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  Term 1 Topics Term 2 Topics Term 3 Topics
Year 10 H&C Unit 1 – Hospitality and catering environment.
DT - Design, develop and make. CAD, CAM project based build. 
H&C Unit1 – Provision and safety 
DT – Mock Non-Examined Assessment, design brief.   
H&C Unit 2 Nutrition in a well-balanced diet. 
DT – Non Examined Assessment
Year 11 H&C Unit 2 - Menu Panning  
DT – Non Examined Assessment
H&C Unit 2 - Skills assessment, practical dish development  
DT – Theory and exam revision 












Paper 1 The Hospitality and Catering Industry  1.5 hrs 50%
Paper 2 Hospitality in Action  75 hrs 50%
Paper 3 Design and Technology  2 hrs 50%
Paper 4 NEA 35 h 50%







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