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“Mathematics reveals its secrets only to those who approach it with pure love, for its own beauty” - Archimedes




Rhea Price

Head of Maths

Rebecca Holmes

Classroom teacher

Andy Moore

Classroom teacher

Bethan Prestwood

Classroom teacher

Gavin Clark

Classroom teacher

Paul Stubbins

STEM Faculty leader / Classroom teacher



Mathematics at Central Lancaster High School enables pupils to develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills - becoming analytical thinkers of the future, enabling them transfer these skills to their adult lives.


Our vision for our pupils is for them to become independent, curious learners who show resilience when faced with challenges. To be organised young people who are able to meet the demands of everyday life through the analysis and understanding of the mathematical world



Mathematics at Central Lancaster High School is designed with the intention that all pupils will be able to explore different representations of mathematical structures through different mediums. They will develop their fluency across a broad range of topics including shape, number, statistics, ratio and proportion.


The Key Stage 3 programme of study follows a mastery approach which gives students full access to the curriculum through looking at different representations of mathematics. Working in mixed attainment groups in year 7, the pupils focus on developing deep understanding and achieve fluency with facts and procedures.


The Key Stage 4 programme of study follows the Edexcel scheme of work and challenges students to master the full range of skills that are expected of them according to the tier of entry of the new GCSE (9-1) Mathematics syllabus that they are following.  Their study is an appropriate blend of co-operative and independent learning such that they are able to work with others to articulate their reasoning and achieve tasks, whilst also having the resilience and resource to be able to organise their own thinking and devise strategies independently to answer the longer descriptive questions in the new GCSE.


Throughout year 9 and 10 there remains the flexibility to change the tier of entry being followed by individual students between the foundation course (which can access new GCSE grades 1 to 5) and the higher course (grades 4-9).  This is determined by success in the examination style assessments that are completed throughout Key stage 4.


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Revision guides

CGP GCSE Maths Edexcel Revision Guide for the Grade 9-1 Course - available for Higher & Foundation

CGP GCSE Maths Edexcel Workbook for the Grade 9-1 Course - available for Higher & Foundation

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