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Curriculum Information for Maths



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The Mathematics Department delivers an enriched curriculum that emphasises the development of reasoning and problem solving skills, as well as securing fluency, where topics are taught in progressively greater depth over the course of Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. 

Our aim is to impart a love and passion for maths and to provide knowledge, understanding and skills to students that enable them to make competent life decisions, such as managing their own finances and to use a structured, systematic and logical approach in solving problems, as well as achieving academic success.

Mathematics is taught for 8 hours over the two week timetable for all year groups, with additional intervention support provided both additional to and during maths teaching time as appropriate for identified students.

Homeworks is set on a weekly basis for all year groups and is aimed at providing consolidation and independent practice of skills learned.  Students are given adequate time to complete their homework such that additional support can be sought from class teachers as needed to ensure that all students have the opportunity to be successful in their work. 

Key stage 3

Mathematics in year 7 follows a mastery approach which gives students full access to the curriculum, working in mixed attainment groups, by focusing on developing deep understanding and achieving fluency with facts and procedures, and providing differentiation by offering rapid support and intervention to address each individual pupil’s needs.

Mathematics in year 8 is taught according to the Collins 5 year scheme of work, which picks up from year 7 and plans ahead for GCSE by providing skills practice for all the maths topics relevant to Year 8, including repeated practice to reinforce and test understanding, as well as practice in problem solving and reasoning skills that will be needed to succeed in the new, more demanding GCSE Maths exam.

Key stage 4

Students from year 9 through to their examinations at the end of year 11 are challenged to master the full range of skills that are expected of them according to the tier of entry of the new GCSE (9-1) Mathematics syllabus that they are following.  Their study is an appropriate blend of co-operative and independent learning such that they are able to work with others to articulate their reasoning and achieve tasks, whilst also having the resilience and resource to be able to organise their own thinking and devise strategies independently to answer the longer descriptive questions in the new GCSE.

Throughout year 9 and 10 there remains the flexibility to change the tier of entry being followed by individual students between the foundation course (which can access new GCSE levels 1 to 5) and the higher course (levels 4-9).  This is determined by success in the examination style assessments that are completed throughout Key stage 4.

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Key stage 5

Students who are currently in year 13 will complete the 2-year Edexcel modular course and have 9 lessons over the two week timetable.  The course is split into modules and each student will study 2 compulsory Core modules (Core 3 and Core 4) and an option module (Statistics).  They will be assessed by 3 exams at the end of Year 13 (in addition to the 3 exams that were sat at the end of Year 12). 

Students will get 2 pieces of homework per week and be expected to spend approximately 4 hours per week outside of lessons completing extra work and exercises to aid their revision.

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Revision guides

AS-Level Mathematics Revision Guide – CGP Complete Revision and Practice (Exam Board: Edexcel).

A-Level Mathematics Revision Guide – CGP Complete Revision and Practice (Exam Board: Edexcel).

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