Year 9 Options

The end of Year 9 represents a landmark in your school life as it represents the point at which you embark on examination courses that will have a large influence on the rest of your life. Many of the subjects will be building on the skills and knowledge acquired during Years 7, 8 and 9, but there will be an opportunity to take up new subjects or specialise in areas where you have shown ability and interest.

The below booklet will help you to make your decision about which options to take. Good choices will help to make the next two years both happy and worthwhile.

It is also important that you realise what you are taking on when starting on courses that lead to GCSE exams. You should think carefully before making your choices.

When you've made your choices, please complete the below options form.

Year 9 Options Information

Options Booklet 2018-19
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Options Form 2018-19
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