In September 2018 Central Lancaster High School proudly launched their House system. This aim of our House system is to build resilience, increased commitment to learning and a sense of pride in our pupils and to provide more opportunities for pupils to get involved, develop a 'co-do' attitude and work alongside peers from other year groups. The ethos of the House system is centred on our School's 3 Cs - Commitment, Creativity and Community. 

The House system will offer leadership opportunities to 4 House Captains (Year 11 pupils), 4 Deputy House Captains (Year 9 pupils) and 4 Sports Captains (Year 10 pupils) who will take active roles in leading pupil activities, competitions and supporting younger pupils.

The House names and logos were created by pupils, alongside a media expert during an enterprise day in the Summer term 2018 where the names Clougha, Lune, Halton and Storey were chosen as House names to reflect our acronym of CLHS.  

House System

Parent Powerpoint
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