GCSE Results Day 2017

24 August 2017

Hardworking students at Central Lancaster High School are celebrating well deserved successes in their GCSEs this year. The new style GCSEs which our pupils have taken this year are more challenging, they have sat more and longer exam papers than ever before and our students have coped well with the additional pressure brought to them by the changes in the GCSE system.

We have seen tremendous results in particular from Ben Elderton, Uzair Essa, Stefan Sarchadzhiev, Callum Bain, and Daria Wiezik who achieved multiple A and A* grades across their subjects we also have more students exceeding their progress expectations.

This year more pupils in English have achieved Grade 4s (equivalent to a C) than last year and in mathematics pupils have achieved improved levels of progress. We have seen improved results in Geography, History, PE, Additional Science and Textiles this year which is pleasing.

Our vocational curriculum subjects enjoyed excellent results with Business Studies achieving the best results they have ever had. Significant improvements have been seen in GCSE PE grades across the year group and overall excellent performances have been seen in ICT, Dance, Music, Hairdressing and Motor Vehicle studies.  At Central Lancaster we are continually reviewing our curriculum offer to enable our students to access the highest quality qualifications which enable them to progress well to the next stages of their education or to start their careers. We are continuing the developments of high quality vocational subjects with the introduction of new Technology subjects from September 2017 to ensure that our pupils have access to the widest range of choices and opportunities available.

This year we are delighted that Lancaster and Morecambe College joined us this morning when students collected their results to ensure that all students can access additional advice and guidance regarding their destinations for September 2017.  We are very keen to provide all of our leaving students with continual access to the best possible support and guidance regarding their next steps, staff at school remain on hand for them to discuss the wide range of Sixth Form, College and Apprenticeship options available to them.  We are delighted that our students are accessing excellent, high quality post 16 provision across Lancaster and neighbouring schools and colleges for their futures.

We would like to thank our leaving students for the energy and character they have brought to our school over the past five years and their parents for their continued support.