Year 11 Information Evening for Parents/Carers on Thursday October 20th

We are holding an information evening for Year 11 parents/carers on Thursday October 20th 18:00 - 18:45. 

The focus of the evening will be to give an overview of key dates in Year 11, with a particular focus on how parents/carers can effectively support their child over the course of the year with revision and examination preparation.

Pupils in Year 11 will be sitting mock examinations in English language, English Literature, maths, science, geography, history and French over a two-week period starting Monday 21 November. Copies of the mock exam timetable can be found on our dedicated Year 11 revision page on our website, the link for which is below. The page also contains additional information about how parents/carers can support their child to effectively prepare for them.

Teachers have started to prepare pupils for these mock examinations by providing them with materials to revise from and a clear schedule of revision. Each Thursday, in their form time, pupils will be supported to develop revision techniques. Details of these sessions can also be found on the website.
New this week is a copy of the booklet that pupils will be using to plan their revision over the coming weeks.

Year 11 Revision and Exam Page: