Pupils can apply to be a student librarian helping behind the desk at break and lunchtime.

Student librarians are trained in using the computerised library system and to issue and return books. They can help process the new books ready for the shelves and can also help choose new books for the library. 

Being a student librarian is very popular and it is a responsible position.

As a thank you for all the help the student librarians give, we hold parties at Christmas and Summer.

Applications forms are available in September from the library.


Pupils can borrow 3 resources at any one time for a period of 2 weeks.

Overdue reminders are sent to pupils each week if books are not returned.  If after 5 reminders the books have not been returned a letter will be sent home.

We have a small selection of adult fiction available to sixth form and staff and some DVDs that are rated 15.  For younger pupils there is a page in the school planner for parental consent to borrow these resources.


Library cards are given to all year 7 pupils during their library induction and this card should be presented whenever borrowing resources from the library.  The library card should be kept each year, we will replace one lost card for free, but if another replacement is needed there is a charge of 50p. 

The library gets very busy and therefore we restrict numbers and year groups each day. There is a sign in the library entrance clearly indicating which year groups can use the library that day.

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