Year 9 GCSE Options

Wondering which GCSEs, you should take?

To help you decide what to study in Years 10 and 11, start by asking yourself what you enjoy doing and what you're good at.

Think about:

  • what you’re interested in: it could be other cultures and languages, writing projects, helping people, being outdoors or designing things
  • what types of activity you enjoy most - working things out and thinking them through, practical activities or artistic options like painting, drawing, or performing music
  • what you're like at home, as well as in school - what skills have you developed following outside interests?

There are some subjects so important that everyone must take them, but you still have options in Year 9. If you have a firm career idea, research it, and choose your options accordingly. Remember, no qualification is ever wasted. You don’t have to have a career in mind at this stage – you just need to choose subjects and courses that will give you plenty of choice later. Choose subjects that you enjoy!

Click the image above to visit the Virtual Options Evening page to find out more about your choices

Where can I get help and advice?

The choices are yours, but there is plenty of advice in the links below so you can do as much research for yourself. Parents, carers, family and teachers probably know you best, so talking to them can help you what might suit you. Ms Cottam, our Careers Advisor can guide you towards advice about which subjects and qualifications are useful for particular careers. Mr Chapman can answer any questions about the options process itself.


Useful websites to help you start thinking about your options:

Careerometer: Careerometer compares jobs by salary, working hours and employment prospects.

Bitesize: Explore all Bitesize Careers' job profiles by specific school subjects to find out about jobs, training and top tips. Part of our Bitesize world of work series.

Quick guide: Picking your GCSE options is an exciting time. Here's a quick guide about compulsory subjects, what you can choose, and more to help you make your decision.


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