Headteacher's Statement

8 November 2018

I have been approached by number of parents who have raised concerns about the “Save Our School” advert in the local paper.  Several members of our community have asked if our school might close because of this advert and its message.  We would like to take this opportunity to reassure parents and our community that the future of our school is not in jeopardy nor are we under threat of closure.    This is a paid for advert and part of a political campaign currently being run by the Anti Academies Alliance.

Over the last two years we have taken significant steps forward to improve our school and to ensure that all children who choose CLHS have access to a curriculum with great breadth, are able to participate in opportunities and experiences that support their well-being and their own development and well-being and to ensure that our school goes from strength to strength. 

As with all schools across the country we are operating in the most challenging of times in terms of shrinking resources and a huge reduction in local authority and public sector services which may have supported our endeavours in the past.  We are committed to working collaboratively to improve education to ensure that every child in Lancaster has the best opportunities.

Over these two years, alongside the governing body, school leaders have had to make several significant strategic decisions to allow us to ensure the sustainability and healthy future of our school. These have all involved consultation with parents and I am committed to ensuring that open dialogue with our community is always a part of school decision making.  Supporting our pupils and ensuring their success is always the most important thing and at the forefront of our work, however, as these decisions are taken I am highly mindful of the need to support each member of our school teaching and support teams.

Since we announced the decision to move forward with the process, a wide range of other meetings and communications have been had with stakeholders of the school. These have of course raised a questions. Our school website has a dedicated “academy consultation” area and further information can be found here. I have tried to answer all the questions which have been raised so far and a copy of the presentation I made to parents is also available.  At the end of the consultation period the governors of the school will then meet to discuss all responses and a final decision will be made regarding whether the school should proceed to becoming an academy.

Nicola Hall, Headteacher